PCG Tools has many users. To get into contact with them, or with me, try one of the following options.


Korg Forums, Main PCG Tools thread

Although PCG Tools has no dedicated forum, there are many threads (one for each supported model) on the KorgForums site. The above link will go to the Kronos Thread for PCG Tools, which is the most active. However, other models have their own tab on KorgForums.

Social Media

Facebook Page

There are currently over 1,100 likes for PCG Tools ... If you like PCG Tools, please like the FaceBook PCG Tools page. You will get notifications about new releases and important messages on this page.

FaceBook Group

This group is used as discussion platform and all kind of notices regarding PCG Tools, like new releases and important messages, but also updates about progress, questions, polls and less important messages related to PCG Tools.

Twitter (#PCG Tools)

Rather get notifications by Twitter: Follow #PCG Tools:

Follow @PCGTools

Email Contact

Mail to Michel Keijzers

In case you rather like to mail me directly, use this email address and I will try to respond quickly. However, please read the manual first in case of questions.

Also if you have tips, remarks, ideas (see also the manual for ideas) or if you found bugs, do not hesitate to email me.

LinkedIn Contact

My LinkedIn account can be found here: View Michel Keijzers's profile on LinkedIn