Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question: Why does my virus scanner (e.g. Norton) give a warning when trying to download PCG Tools?

Answer: At least one virus scanner (Norton), treats .exe files by default as unsafe. Only after that application has been notified by enough users or by white-listing as safe, it can be downloaded by such virus scanners. The best way is to temporarily switch of the virus scanner, and manually virus-scan the file if you do not trust.

Question: Why is PCG Tools published as an exe file and not as ZIP file?

Answer: Because the installer only contains a single file which automatically installs, so this is the most convenient method. Also, quite some amount of users have problems unpacking a zip file.

Question: Why does installation take so long the first time?

Answer:This application uses an extensive Microsoft library, called Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Sometimes it is already installed on your computer, sometimes not. If not, it will be automatically installed.

Question: I get an installation error while downloading the .NET Framework, how come?

Answer:Probably the needed Microsoft .NET Framework 4 library is not installed correctly previous time. It will be automatically installed (the first time) when you install the application. For this an internet connection is needed and authorization (administrator rights possibly) to install this library.

When you still get an error you can download it manually from Here. If you still get an error try uninstalling the library and reinstall it.

Operating Systems

Question: I do not have a PC/laptop with a Windows operating system, can I still use PCG Tools?

Answer: Yes you can; For the Apple and Unix operating systems, Windows emulators exist. In the manual some examples are mentioned about Windows emulators and those are confirmed to work with PCG Tools.

Question: Will there be a Mac version?

Answer: Probably not soon, I cannot make a Mac version because I don't have an Apple. And so far, no Mac programmer tried to convert the software, which is open source. I'm willing to give information about the architecture, but I cannot do the conversion yourself.


Question: How should I connect a synthesizer to PCG Tools?

Answer: You should not. For synthesizer working with PCG files you can create a PCG file on your synthesizeron some media (like USB, SD, CF card or sending by Ethernet). For older synths using .syx or .mid files you can use generic MIDI dump software applications. Then you can load these files into PCG Tools, manage them, save back and load (PCG) or transmit (syx/mid) them to the synthesizer. This has the advantage you do not to have your synthesizernearby.

Copy/Paste (and Conversion)

Question: Can PCG Tools convert programs or combis from one synthesizerto another?

Answer: Yes and no ... as long as the files from where to copy and to paste in are both from the same synthesizermodel and OS version, copy/pasting is possible. In some cases copy/pasting is possible between models, e.g. for some models within the Triton series.

Question: Why is this not possible?

Answer: Because different models use different synthesis engines and different samples. A PCG (or related) file does not know the contents of samples. Also, the parameters from different synthesis engines can vary or the value range or characteristics. In most cases, it is even impossible to make a conversion algorithm between two different synthesizers.

Question: Why can't I copy/paste programs/combis from a PCG file from an older version of Kronos (e.g. OS1.6) to a newer version of Kronos (e.g. OS2.0)?

Answer: Because the internal file format is different and undocumented. Therefore the conversion has to be performed on your own synth. Just load the PCG file with the old format on your Kronos, then save it. The Kronos will save it automatically to its own format (probably newer). Then you can load it into PCG Tools

Question: Can PCG Tools convert samples?

Answe: No, a PCG (or related file) does not contain samples; it only references to samples (depending on the synthesis engine. And PCG Tools does not use this sample references (yet).

Question: When I copy/paste a program, will the combis be corrupted?

Answer: Normally when you move a program, the combis using that program will not be updated. However, PCG Tools is smart and will automatically remap the moved programs. Also, for the Kronos, set lists references will be updated. Even when you move combis, the set lists will be updated accordingly.


Question: Loading many PCG files make my computer slow, how come?


Some workstation, like the Korg Kronos creates full PCG files of 42 MB. When loading PCG files into PCG Tools some overhead will be added so depending on the available RAM memory in your system, the Windows OS might use disk swapping which can decrease the performance of PCG Tools dramatically. Close unneeded PCG files to release more memory.


Question: What is a patch?

Answer:In the manual and within PCG Tools, regularly the term 'patch' is used. Officially it is the term used to 'program' a sound by connecting (patch) cables on modular synthesizers. However, in PCG Tools a (1) patch means ONE program, one combi, one set list slot, one wave sequencer, one drum kit. This means that multiple patches are contained in one bank (either program bank, combi bank, set list, drum kit bank, wave sequence bank).


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