Who Am I?

I am Michel Keijzers, a professional software/system engineer working at NSpyre currently. As a software contractor I worked in various technical environments, like Automotive, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Audio and Semiconductor industry.

In my free time I have developed PCG Tools during the last years, to improve myself in C#/.NET. Since my late experience is mostly with Python, holding a MCTS certificate for developing Windows Applications with C#, I wanted to keep the C# knowledge up to date. I also play in a band, see Co-incidental. To like:

Although the main application is developed by myself, I have had help of others in the sense of additional features (KorganizR), testing/info (McHale, Phinnin, JimKnopf, Cello, Cynkhy, Ppublicduende, rs.felicio, Mathieumaes, AdDeRoo, MattGerassimoff, CJ Johansson, Paul Hirschvogel, DanAtKorg, StevePavao and language support (Bernardo W., Francois Rossi, Jens, MarPabl, Mathieu, Rubens Felicio, Luis Costa, Yuma and Honza). I hereby like to thank these people for their contribution to PCG Tools.

My LinkedIn account can be found here: View Michel Keijzers's profile on LinkedIn